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Experience the unmanned security system CCTV 'EZ Watch' directly on your smartphone. 2015-08-27 16:14:25
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Good morning! This is Deans.

Today, with an introduction to EZ Watch

We would like to show you how to experience EZ Watch.



Deans Co., Ltd., located in the creative hall of Konkuk University,

We have installed EZ Watch for outdoor type (military) test on the first floor parking lot side.

Performance is always checked with a dedicated computer and smartphone.

There are CCTV, point register and speaker in case of intruder.

This is the same as most CCTVs.

The middle square box contains the state-of-the-art radar developed by Deans, which does not exist in existing CCTVs.

This state-of-the-art radar sensor measures an area of ​​8 meters wide and 60 meters long,

So you can even detect people on the streets of a soccer field.


It also does not capture anything other than people, such as animals or shaking trees, through the detection of heat or fuselage.

You can imagine that your device software contains artificial intelligence.

If you do not visit Konkuk University to find out how EZ Watch works with this special technology, you can check it out with your smartphone now.


First, go into the App Store and search for 'EZ Watch' to get it download.



Connect with

ID : @ezwatch

PW : 1234

You will be logged in.

Then you can see 4 CCTVs like this.




The 'Laptop' screen shows in real time how the outdoor camera's sensing sensor works.

When motion is captured at intervals of 4-5 meters, the space is lit (as shown).

If the movement is large or continuous, the sensitivity will increase and the red light will come on.


If the time at which you set the boundary is lit

At that moment, the lighting starts and the recording starts,

(The brightness of the light is 55w, so it can be lit up to 300m distance.)



First of all,

It will contact you.

At that moment, you can send your voice through the on-site speaker with your smartphone in your hand.

You do not have to worry about thieves when you leave your home or company after setting up the feature?



Inquiry about installation of smart phone unmanned security system CCTV

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